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Noby E A
Hello Sir / Madam,

" Welcome to the official website of Liscom Solutions and Services. Whether you are a Company or an individual looking to outsource projects or somebody who is interested to know more about Liscom, let me tell you a few things about our company.
At Liscom, it has been our constant endeavor to bring a sharper focus to the requirements of our customers and we strive to leverage cutting-edge technology to provide the highest levels of services to you. We are one of the few Business Process Outsourcing centers (BPO) which has built up a fully integrated centralized voice and data solution to bring to you the very best of voice services as well as data services. Notwithstanding the immense benefits of a reliable centralized voice and data system, we also offer a state of the art infrastructure including the Network and Voice Technology support centre. At Liscom, we adhere to highest Data Security practices like having employee access restrictions based on access cards, paper and cell phone free agent floor, controlled and audited internet access as well as security cameras monitoring the premises 24/7.
Liscom is registered with Indian Government, Department of Telecom (DOT) and is licensed to provide services to Domestic as well as International Clients.

Once again I welcome you to our website and I hope your visit to our website is enjoyable and productive. Thank you."
Looking for a reliable, affordable and scalable Call Center or
Data processing partner to grow with your business ?
At Liscom Solutions and Services, we continually strive to enhance the value to our clients and the end-customers we share through operational excellence, technology innovation, and global skill set sourcing. Liscom provides greater end-customer satisfaction and incremental client revenue at a reduced cost. Our service model makes customer satisfaction more affordable by aligning the right resources and technology.
The practice of outsourcing certain repetitive, non-core processes to specialists who have economies-of-scale advantages is the choice of professional managements. Companies and Managements have been trying to identify professional centers to take full advantage of overseas labor markets to achieve dramatic cost savings to the tune of up to 65%.
Liscom Solutions and Services Pvt Ltd is a premier Voice and Non Voice Service Provider located at Kochi, in the State of Kerala in India, most popularly known as the Queen of Arabian Sea. We are one of the most Technically Advanced and Professionally Managed Service Provider in Kerala. Liscom is a young brand from XL Group of companies aimed at providing reliable and dependable IT enabled services at affordable rates. Our parent company XL has been in operation since 1974.
Liscom has a modern management perspective of doing services and looks upon IT has the best tool for process efficiency improvement. The in house EDP works continuously on developing IT enabled solutions for improving resource utilisation and efficiency improvement techniques. Such emphasis on resource utilisation and skill improvement results in greater efficiency, reliability and reduced costing for the principle company.
Our expertise lies in outbound-inbound client generation, customer service, business and data processing, technical support and outbound processes across verticals like Timeshare Vacation Ownership Industry and Travel clubs, Retail, Telecom, IT and Utilities services to companies...
Our advantage goes beyond what clients have come to expect from a leading BPO services provider. The difference lies in our ability to exceed client expectations while consistently providing added value in the following ways:
The use of innovative processes, ideas and technology to save clients money while delivering greater value and incremental benefits.
A corporate culture dedicated to -performing beyond -client expectations.
Extensive use of Quality Management initiatives to enable process improvements, exceeds industry benchmarks, identify opportunities for
automation and eliminate redundancies.
"One-stop shop" for state-of-the-art global technology and BPO solutions."
Cultural alignment and proven partnering ability to become an integral part of your organization and strategy.
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