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Liscom Offers Voice and Non Voice solutions tailored for your needs. As a pioneer in the industry, providing professional service, Liscom serves a wide range of industries with an even broader range of programs. Today, companies are rapidly adopting business process outsourcing (BPO) as a viable means to reduce operating costs, focus more on core competencies and move from a fixed to a variable cost model.

Our offerings are structured along domain expertise based industry verticals and specialized horizontal service offerings.

Voice Based Processes

  • Dealer help line
  • Customer / Dealer Support & Complaint Resolution Desk
  • L0 Collection (0-30 Days)
  • Welcome Call
  • Address Verification
  • 1st Bill Clarification
  • VAS Up selling
  • Retention
  • Pre to Post Migration
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Non Voice Based Processes

  • CAF Auditing
  • CAF Entry
  • Scanning
Voice Based Services
Data Oriented Services
Back Office Support Services
Voice Based Services
1. Customer / Dealer help line
2. Sales Support help line
3. Marketing Calls
4. Subscription Renewals and Service Up selling
5. Debt Collection
6. Customer Retention Calls
7. Complaint Resolution Desk
8. Welcome Call
9. Verification Calls
10. Bill Clarification
11. Surveys
Data Oriented Services
1. Application Form Auditing and Data Entry
2. PDF to Doc Conversions
3. Paper to EBook Conversion
4. Form Processing Services
5. Bulk Invoice / Bills Data Entry
6. Medical / Insurance Claims Processing
7. Scanning
Back Office Support Services
1. Live Chat Support
2. Email Answering Support
3. Designing / Printing / Despatch Services
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