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Internal Network
Multiple Optical Fibre termination for service redundancy
Cisco based Voice Network Solution for Dependable Quality of Voice Service.
Cisco 2811 Dual Port Router with Voice Enhancement Bundle.
Cisco ASA 500 based Firewall Systems for Advanced Security
Cisco Catalyst 3750 L3 Switching for VLAN Isolation.
Cisco Catalyst 2970 L2 Switching with QOS Implementation.
3 x Multi Processor DELL Servers for User Management, File Handling and DB handling.
Voice handling Servers capable of managing 240 concurrent voice calls (Inbound & Outbound).
Process based Voice Recording Solution.
Remote Activity Monitoring and Call barging Facility for Principle Companies (Customisable as per requirement of the Principle).
Thin Client systems for Agents, for Secured and Stable Operation.
Terminal Server Implementation for Application and Data Security.
Remote Desktop for auditing and maintenance.
Predictive Dialing with Skill based Routing.
Propertary software for lead like cycle management.
Process customer data entry and Call Management Tools.
Process Specific customizable Data Entry and Validation Tools
Voice Network
SIP based non compressed Internal Voice Network with Universal Voice Switching capability for enhanced Voice Quality - featuring call routing through Remote Internet gateway, PRI, Local GSM Sim Cards etc.
DSP Based Background Noise Cancellation Headsets (Planatronics).
IVR Configurable Inbound Call Management for Skill Based Routing and multiple language options.
Entire facility is on APC Enterprise Class UPS.
DG backup.
Data Security
Terminal Server Based Application for Copy Protection
Mobile and Paper free Dialling Floor
Data management on centralised DB Server
Controlled and Audited Internet Access
Virtual Network isolation from External / Management Consoles
Physical Security
Access Card Based Entry to all levels.
Fire Alarms.
24 x 7 Manned Securities.
Biometric Access to Server and Network Configuration Room.
Individual User logins with LDAP Linked CRM and Data Acquisition Software.
User Activity logging for Security Audits.
Round the Clock Security Video Recording with one week back up Storage.
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